Monday, 3 June 2013

Im not single, Im married to my Dream

I was single, until
I saw you in my dream.
Stood away, so
I can watch you full &
Then you theft my sleep
But I didn't gave a heed.
I was unaware
& the opposite attracted me
Ran away with something
that just wasn't me
Life sucks! I thought,
But the mistake was mine.
Two years it took,
to snatch back my dream.
I wrote & wrote & wrote
& I fall in love with words.
Again I slept,
but purposefully this night
to see what my heart
was beating for all the time
The next was a ring
& then was a kiss.
Pen was my ring
& I kissed my book
I see its working
between us
And we are having
a Happy married life.


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