Monday, 8 July 2013

The Black Dot - A book not just about 'RAPE'

    The Black Dot is a completed stuff. But what I mean is not about the novel, but about a bunch of papers in which I wrote my thoughts about the Delhi incident, what I felt about the media, What was the atmosphere of India, why such a revolutionary strike, what can I do, what we all must do; these were the scribbles. I kept updating those pages for the whole month of December. But this was just a time pass. Just to evaluate how I can take on a social issue and write about it. Making this a novel was an impulsive decision, so I had to drop it in between. (Most of the impulsive decisions are taken at wrong time)

Actually, as a fresher, I was afraid to come up with such a bold plot of story. I thought not to take a risk and to write the most accepted by the young; ‘Romance Genre’. So I started fighting with words to bind a book with some cute romantic situations, dialogues and so on. Hard days! Each time I re-read the whole, I feel like I just watched some Bollywood movie with funky, cliché dialogues. Still I tried hard and decided not to quit. But fate was something else. Everything turned around and I, 
again stood at the same point where I started; ‘The Black Dot’. (Toiinngg...)

There are confusions and it starts from Why ‘this’??? 

Black dot is believed to be the dot of shame. It has been widely considered as the response of we people to those thousands of rape happen around our country every year. So the name suits the cover.

What makes ‘The Black dot’ differ from other rape & women humiliation stories?
Writing a book on a social issue is tough. Need a lot of research, understandings and beliefs about the core of the plot. Since it’s not a complete fiction but a hybrid of Fact & Fiction, it has to be taken seriously at times.  But I won’t be making my book a documentary or something on the issue. There’s the TWIST (I say) comes, it’s a journey, let’s say journey of girl from her adult to her old. It’s a life she speaks about and she won’t be struggling all her life thinking & fighting about a rape. Her life has everything; Happiness, sadness, friendships, love@ sight, romance, breakup, mystery, investigation, suspense and a climax, then the Epilogue. ‘Rape’ is just a part of it that’s highlighted.

(To be continued…)

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