Hey all. My name's Uma Devu. I’m a writer, a blogger and I talk too much so you can say ‘Hey’ if you want me to give speeches.  

I started writing so long back but started calling myself a writer since last year when I realized what writing is to me. I started blogging in 2012 just for sharing what I feel about a day and my dreams. Then it gradually made my days as a writer. I started loving to type down and keep looking at the words and wonder "Seriously, I can write".

 There’s a lot you can find around here that would teach you & inspire you. More you can find me as a writer, what I have learned, what’ve made me reach here and the rights & wrongs and the best & worst ways to the destination.

I love rain, love music specially romantic and refreshing melodies. I love eating whatever mom cooks and I’ll fall into desserts and sweets like a child anytime at any place. I’m an avid user of social networks and you can find me in Facebook, twitter & LinkedIn.  I dance whenever I fall in love with me; I often fall in love with me.
So that’s me in short. There’s lot more you could know about me and the writings. Stay tuned. Keep in touch.


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