Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Keep Calm & Write

Some tips I found helpful to keep calm before you write and some prompts too.


•    Take a minute walk
I found this easier than meditating. Walking in my garden; breathing the fragrance of flower. 
Get up and Get out. Go, walk and breathe some air. Look at the flowers and write what they may have been talking to each other.

•    Dance around the House
Who doesn’t love music? Play them aloud, Step up and enjoy each moment. Love yourself and write about you protagonist who dance with her invisible friend.
•    Walk in the rain
Some feel rain, others just get wet.
Write about a rainy day when your characters fall in love and walk along the river side holding their hands.
•    Be quite
Sometimes that’s the most suitable mode to switch off you vocal for an hour and sit alone somewhere you love.
Maybe your character hides some secrets in her and she only reminds herself about that when she quits speaking and sitting alone.

•    Make a collage
Search around for pictures from magazines and your albums. Make collage and gift it to your mom and dad. They would definitely love them, so you characters dear ones too.  Write about your character that makes collage every year for her parents who are far away or dead.

•    Smile to the Unexpected
There’s nothing better than a smile from your heart to keep the beat a bit calm.
Your protagonist may have problems but you must have dreamt her smiling to the unexpected and you know the one who have crush on her would fall in love with her… may be all over again.

•    Say YES to whatever challenges you.
Being a writer and staying concentrated on that every day, it is a challenge. If you are reading this ofcourse you’re a writer or you are interested in writing. So don’t think, just go and write.

Do what you love and do it often.

With love

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