Friday, 27 September 2013

Frog & Pumpkin | Short Story | Part 3

What would he reply? She wasn't sure if her joke was something that could possibly bring smile on his face but yes she did want to see that. 

“You frog….I don’t know swimming” He replied with an emoticon of broad smile. 

May be he would haven’t smiled that hard on her feeble words anyways her heart skipped a beat and she was in utter confusion what to reply. And then she did just 

“Ok” with another broad smile. 

They never wondered how they met; how they became friends and how it would end…
That’s how it goes, that’s what life is…gives you surprises and make you meet strangers but all of it has a hidden purpose because

“Everything Happens For a Reason”

She was so used to call him Pumpkin and slowly that word became something special and something close to her heart. She was unknown about her feelings and never knew she could fall in love.
Later Facebook, for them, seemed to be an uncomfortable medium to move further and then the only way was to dial.

You know this was kind of a blind game. A hidden guy other side and a girl who doesn’t even know where hard life is taking her and a bond in between that was getting tighter with the knot. 

But still a trust was born. A trust that she trusted with all her heart…    

She took her phone and started typing words in excitement but blank minded. 

“Hey Frog here” She smiled and send the text.

A few minutes later her phone vibrated

“Hy… wassup?”

“Nothing special just roaming in the balcony”

And so on… the talk went further; to calls too.

They became closer and the air around them started changing. They talked about anything and everything…  He was frank, I’m mean too frank.

He believed himself to be a bad guy and she always replied “You are perfect” and that was not a lie.

There are many who are too bad and pretend to be perfect. But even if he said he was bad with his ways, he never pretended to be perfect; he never showed off. That’s why she again quotes 

“Pumpkin…you are perfect and that’s what a girl wants”

And one night he left a message asking… “Why can’t we be in a relation?”

She replied with a blush “why do you want us to be in relation?” 

“We’ll do crazy stuffs and why do you care me like this?”

She knew he was high in his weed. But she was really happy hearing that.

“I care everyone who cares me” there was nothing else she could think of and nothing else she could reply. Because she also was in thoughts ‘why am I caring so?’

“Really...Ok” he simply just cut there.

“Oh! Come on… tell me more… do you love me?” her heart was knocking her breath. But her brain was stopping her “No…it’s just a fascination…come down to earth”

Then they never turned back to that and again few more days went just like BEST FRIENDS until another night he made a call and that twisted her like in heaven or hell.

“Hello…” she picked up and started.

“Hello….” After a slight breathe… “I’m at my friend’s home…”

With a warm throat he said “I miss u”

And why was her lips moving and it tending to say “I miss u too”… Yes she did say that.
“I miss u too pumpkin” she said with a smile.

“When are we meeting?” he was kind of so curious to see her.

“I don’t know” she knew it wasn’t that easily possible to meet him.

They talked quit well and when he was about to cut the call he said it 

“I LOVE YOU” and followed with a kiss.


To be continued …..