Thursday, 26 September 2013

Frog & Pumpkin | Short Story | Part 2

Her intention was to just say a ‘Hey’ and then leave it all back as if every other person pokes her is just a stranger who talks well with a smile. She believed, him, the Pumpkin was just a stranger who treated her well with his pretty talks. 

There is a way of falling in love or friendship. Both are commitments. They seem to have mutual understanding and the beginning is always as a ‘Friend’.  How about a Very strange ‘BEST FRIEND’?


“Hy” Pumpkin is always at time.

“Hello…how are you?” Frog asked, well she knew he said it was all good that morning. Still a beautiful evening again with him and she wanted to know how he was feeling.
“Good…and you?” 

She was more comfortable with him now, than the starting of their chatting days.  She knew what she should ask and she already knew what his answers will be.

“Wassup?” she just wants to be in ease.

“With friends” he replied.

“Ok enjoy” Ah… now the curve of smile on her face was a bit bright less.

The very next moment he sent a picture of him sitting on a tall wall of a pond and posing just his legs in the frame. She didn’t know what was so special about that but her lost smile and blush was again on. 

“Ey...Don’t jump… we can sit and solve everything” Yeah that was a JOKE!

She saw 

“….is typing….”

And then her eyes were so eager.

To be continued…. 

N:B : The characters are not fictitious but the story is totally a creation of fiction. :)  No offense :)


  1. Nalla situation, aadyamaayitta ingana oru new age poetic romance vaayikyunnae... Athum facebookinte pashchathalathil...keep writing...eagerly waiting