Thursday, 15 August 2013

F~ Female Feoticide | Time to Promise her 'Freedom'

On this independence day, It's time to promise her the freedom she deserves.

Its time to take her from the cage and free her to fly the highs.

We must celebrate this independence day assuring every freedom to a sister, a mother, a daughter, a wife deserves.

Imagine a world without them.

So just Act.

Sharing again; two poems I wrote earlier on 'gender discrimination'.

 Happy Independence Day :)

Brother ! Spare Me

Just a letter,
made differences.
He to She,
made gender differences.

Ofcourse, there should be
I agreed.
But why we treat
When their bloods are same
Until its some A or A+ve

Oh Brother! Spare me
We born together
as same as alike
But I'm She & you are He
makes all differences

Please spare me
I've rights like you do
But its denied
Cause I learned to tolerate
people like you.


N.B : I scribbled these words. It doesn't rhyme or have a structure of a poem. Still I'm tagging it as poetry. Wanted to share with you as like it was in the paper.  

Dying Fetus

Demanding world, and a dying heart.
Break those rules, so can fly the highs.
Sleeping inside, her mother's womb.
Dreamt a world, a world of love & care.
Sudden the shock  she got & cried.
Cried when she realized, it was a nightmare.
Heard her mother,
was threatened by the world.
Forced to kill her, the little girl inside.
"Don't mommy" , her wanted to beg
but she was too little, as like a bug.


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