Wednesday, 14 August 2013

E~ Entertainment | Lets go Movie, Park and Party to Make a difference

I Love to spread ideas, especially Ideas that are helpful not for those who have, but for those who have not.

I was in search of one and found an interesting idea for those who wonder about Entertainment.

Those who aren’t meant to enjoy some moments like we do.

Here I go,

Entertainment, let’s go Movie, Park and Party with those little birds who are caged in, just because they have no one to hold their hands and take them to theaters, parks, and no one have ever talked to them like “ Hey you passed…lets go Party!”

We spend thousands in a year, or may be in a month for our leisure. Let’s save 2 Rs per day and take an orphan child to a movie in a month.

I assure you, there’s no wonder than those smile and the delighted eyes. And there is no eye which won’t tear down when they hug you for giving them an opportunity and for considering them in all means.

I hope you save and be a reason for their smile.

Make a difference.

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