Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Inspire

Whatever it be, there will be always a push inside your heart to move on to your goal and what we call it is ‘Inspirations’. So as a writer, I too had an inspiration to start the penning to look around for inspirations. Hard! But I found many. Speaking frankly, I don’t think I had to search around for inspirations. Well, when I started putting down the words; every clue, every visual, every solution, every idea what I call ‘Inspiration’ was coming by my way. Thanks to the almighty for the luck! Just keep your eyes open.

How would you grab your inspirations???

Here’s what I do.

•  I had sleepless nights thinking about what to write. And I felt this to be world’s most boring task. But giving up or not is what that decides our success and failure. So don’t stop thinking; your brain would light up anytime. Keep Calm & Meditate for patience.
•  An author’s auto biography is never ever an inspiration. But read failure stories, you will definitely get to know ‘What not to do!’
•  When you read a book review. Read more negative comments than the flattering. That would get you know how your readers approach your writing.

This is just a few that worked for me. Still I’m working on different.  And will be updating that at times. But I guess this would help for those who want to start.

Inspirations never end; we just have to stay alarm to see what fits ours.


  1. Interesting.... Inspiration doesn't need to be derived from the people you love or follow... Your life itself is an inspiration.... :)

  2. True.. they cannot be derived from others,
    Inspirations has to be ours that comes around just for us.. :)