Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Envision

On cue, I sang

“I know that there is pain
but you hold on for one more day
and you break free from the chain…
Don’t you know…things can change…?
Things’ll go your way…
If you hold on for one more day”

 “The Black Dot” is a decision to prove myself as a writer. That’s not too much. I can write. But I took two years to realize this. That’s a long story; I don’t want to bore you.
When I wrote few pages of the book, I had no idea where this is going and how I should end. It’s a tough job.  How should I start was the biggest confusion ever.  I wrote many and scrunched many.

Since the book is a mix of Fact & Fiction, I can’t simply put down whatever comes to my thought. It’s something that has to connect with the atmosphere (the plot) & the readers equally. So the research I done helped me a bit to start my baby steps. ‘The Black dot’ is strong with the theme; I must say a bit filmy too. After all everything happen around these days are nothing less than a film (Don’t take personally, cause I don’t care)

Once I lifted myself from the Marsh and started writing with the dirt, I saw the change by my eyes in the paper I wrote. Everything I was writing finally making perfect shape and the color was getting even darker than the start (I just meant that my work is going well. C’mon, I’m a writer).
Some dreams have to be followed. There is a path that is invisible and can be clearly seen when our nerves rest, our eyes are closed but still we are alive and conscious. I see everything in this blue black cold and that’s how my pen moves to write them down. The Envision is the first step I took as a writer or it’s the first thing that helped me to step forward as a writer.
(Blah…Blah...Blah… I know I talk too much)

“The Black dot” has just started his journey. He has a story to tell. Shhh...This story could make your nights longer or can make you sleep. It depends. I won’t assure you the best but I take the red ink and scratch a line down the note “I assure you that you can’t stop thinking how it happened in just a paragraph”.

Either it will excite you or it will disappoint you. But that’s what I want; that’s how it goes.


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