Friday, 7 June 2013

#1 Journey with ‘The Black Dot’

‘The Black dot’ has a lot to share with you. Reading a book on fact and fiction is interesting and I hope intriguing. But writing it as effective is a tough challenge. And I’m trying to come up with a good book. Because I see some eyes waiting eagerly for my work to be in air and I guess they’ve some expectation. So far I have done well. The journey was by fits and starts. And I’m so happy and excited to introduce you “The Black Dot”

Let me start the journey of “The Black Dot”

Black Dot has a lot to do with the past, present & of course the future. The book doesn’t point its finger to any particular. But let me clearly put it this way “The Black Dot has nothing to do with any incident in the past, present & future and has nothing to do with a person who’s dead or alive. It’s just a literally work from the imagination of the author. Everything else that comes to your mind is just coincidence or you are good at making it.”

No offence readers But I have a question: Why India witnessed a young revolution last year on December for just one girl, when there are many other girls & women are raped every year at every place?

Was she lucky to have so many fighters behind her to bring justice to her? Or did they fight because they were fed up of such brutality in a country where we have women goddess in every temple?
This was something I always wanted to ask and I see this book as a good opportunity to scream out the rights and wrongs through a story. Let’s see how many follows this.

I have some people to introduce.  I have some situations that I want you to analyze and work on. I want you to start the story where I drop my first question in the Book. I have some friends to be with her at her ups and downs. I have some villains to drag her to hell. I have some angels to pull her up. I have this and that.
And I call this “The Black Dot”


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