Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Dinosh Dominic | An artist of innate emotions

 We usually go through several artist pages in social medias.

Now time to show you a picture that I felt to the core. 

How far you can go about this one? Just a sketch? 

No way! Beyond the imaginations of an artist it goes deep to the emotions of an observer.
There's a lot 
This is all about him, The Artist; Dinosh Dominic.

In the framework of Emotions, it refers to the ways, in which he spreads love, laugh and lot more, often like wildfire, and sometimes like an arrow through the heart.

Why am i using the word 'emotions' again and again? As far as I know, he doesn't have a random selection for his sketches. He finds his emotions and attachments and likes to be the perfect model to put down to the paper.
His friends, his love, his favorites everything which is close to his heart has found space in his canvas.

"A work of art is a world in itself, reflecting senses and emotions of the artist's world" - Hans Hoffman

This is his world, this is it , everything of him.

Dinosh is a passionately curious, self-taught artist based in kottayam. He lives there in the 'city of alphabets' (Akshara nagari) with his parents and his puppies, Tia and Thaksha...Trust me he is mad about his dogs ;) 
He is a graduate in Animation.

I don't know much about his friends but i can say that they round him up with some spirit and you can see a few of them in "The people that keep me going", in his page

You can also find a bunch his favorite characters and some truly amazing sketches that you would definitely love.

Apart from his artistic talents, he truly is an amazing laughter guy. Spreads positive vibrations around and I guess that's what it is reflected through his works.

Find his arts at: Dinosh SketchBook 

 With loads of love and Wishes 
~ Uma ~

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