Saturday, 14 September 2013

Frog & Pumpkin | Short Story | Part 1

Wow! That was a wonderful evening.

But she has to come back home and that’s what she hated. When she walked down the stairs of her college she was day dreaming about the next day she could possibly come and jungle with her weird friends whom she thinks to be the best but they don’t. It’s just because they are too young and she was considered to be the matured among those girly; she was filtered out.

That day she must have shattered for her beloved just left her insanely for asking something she called ‘Freedom’  and he believed her to be his ‘Slave’, which I guess he’s never so mean and she still loves him a lot.

Now what do you do when your free? I don’t know how many, because it’s impossible to count down but ‘facebook’ the only option is. She was just scrolling down and down and down and found a page. A talented page, the post was unique, she don’t know why but for no reason she commented. It moved to the chat box.

“Hey frog” he began

“Frog!” she exclaimed.

“When I adore someone so much I call them Frog” He replied.

She blushed. But said “Ok”

You know what’s the problem is? A girl can easily fall for someone who adores her. But here this girl was from another planet she said “Your head looks like Pumpkin”. Toingg!

That was all the beginning…

Story continues…

N:B : The characters are not fictitious but the story is totally a creation of fiction. :)  No offense :)

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