Friday, 16 August 2013

G~ Gracious | Thank You

We forget to be grateful for every little thing and worry about those slipped away, just because they weren't meant for us.

We have so much, even more than those we lost to say 'Thank you' everyday. We just have to see them. But we won't.

So let's say Thanks to everything, everyone...

Say Thanks to god for all the happy days
Say Thanks to your friends for all those memorable moments
Say Thanks to your Parents for all they have done for you to keep your smile alive
Say Thanks to your Wife, Husband, Love for being the greatest support they give to your soul
Say Thanks to you siblings, even they fight they care the most
Say Thanks to everything you find right, everyone you find true to your heart.

But, never forget to Say Thanks to yourself for being the most powerful weapon to live your life as you wish.

My gratitude is to everyone who simply smile at me, those who helped me find my way, those who simply fought and gave me strength someway to fight back... so and so .. I thank everyone, everything I have until my last breath.... :)

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