Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Blushes Of Your Love

For those laughter
and the blushes you miss.
Days of wishes
and your love with Kiss
A few words I scribble
just to bring a smile of bliss

Nights when you miss her
and sketch!
moving your fingers
and giving her feather touch
The lines you find, would
come alive
and someday she would
come to you Live!
I don't want to give 
you false dreams
Still I wish that she
must come back
and give you surprise.

On other hand,
Everything doesn't seems
to be fine
Cause love doesn't shows
always a positive sign.
If you are in love,
expect the worst anytime
I, your friend, believe
this is not the right time.
May be love for you
is something better
and yet to arrive.

1 comment:

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