Monday, 20 May 2013

3 People Who Rock My World

Amma, ofcourse no one can replace you from my heart. Let me tell you some about her.
She wakes at 4 in the morning, She starts running kitchen and the breakfast, lunch everything will be ready before time. She works too hard, day and night. She takes care of everyone, everything around and I always think "What have I done for her?" "nothing" . She expected nothing from anyone and still did her best. And she is always the best. 

Chikku. ah ! now this is hard. Well, its always hard to describe the most rough person and sweet at the same. My angry man.I know him very well, he's my best friend. I don't want him to go away I  love him. He's always there with me in any situations -- let it be the most happiest or the worst , he's my best partner. I hate him when he gets angry at me for no reason and doesn't allow me to do what i like -- My sweet enemy :P,... everything. But he's the best.  Its been four years since we met and want more to count in future.
If you are reading this, just don't forget to give a smile :)
Paulo coelhothe one person i always admire. His thoughts, his beliefs are something that leads me forward with positivity in me. There is no need to introduce him  and to be frank i don't have enough words to describe him and his inspirations.

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