Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Thank God, for what you have.

The boy was sad and his eyes were filled. He was walking through a hot and stony path. Each steps reminded him his old and ugly shelter, his dirty half clothes, his father , who always comes home drunk and his mother who gets bitten by the alcoholic. All these things were his routine nightmares and he made habit of them. But walking through the filthy way, he wished  " if my god had given me at least a pair of shoes". He felt sad that his god has given him nothing but a useless life. He walked more, left the street. Suddenly, shocking to his eyes, he saw a man leaning his hands against the floor to cross the road. The boy ran to him and helped. He noticed, the man had no legs but he had a beautiful smile on his face. 
"I complained that I had no shoes, then I saw a man with no legs" the boy thought.
                             (My Short story,  inspired from a quote)
                ( Photo : Nick Vujici, the most inspiring person in life )

( UMA )

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