Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Listen, he's talking to you

Naina was desperately searching for someone. She was running through the college corridors. She collided with everyone. Finally she reached a classroom where Jay was waiting for her.

                                Naina walked towards him and asked " Do you love me?. Jay replied a smile. Naina continued " Are you mad Jay? How could you!! I mean, how could you take such a decision??
Jay interrupted  " Naina .." and she stopped. " Come closer & Listen. When you don't have an answer for your questions, just close your eyes and keep your hand on your heart. Feel the beats. Listen to him. Either he will give you a positive answer or a negative. But for sure there will be an answer. Naina ... that's what I did. I heard my heart, he made the decision." 

"Heart has its own language. Just have to listen him"

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