Saturday, 10 August 2013

C~ Charity For A Child | Its a Pleasure to Share.

Day 3

So here I go, Introducing my Craft Studio Blissful Blush (This blog will be available soon)

I have been actively crafting for several years just for my sake . But I always wanted to spend time and have fun crafting with children around.

I'm going to visit a nearby convent and stick with some sweet little faces that love Art, Craft and Books but can't afford these little pleasure.

Now here I need your help.

You can Help Donating Stuffs :)
Its easy... No worries

You Can Donate
  •  Any Art Supplies like Paints, Brush, Tape, Ribbons, Buttons... anything you find suitable.
  • Books that you've finished and you believe this should be passed to the next for keeping it alive.
  • Your craft works and Toys that you would love to give away for free! 

_Mail Me If You Are Interested.


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