Thursday, 8 August 2013

A ~ "Ant"

Moral from a tiny creature

I’ve always wondered observing group of ants marching like a brigade.

We keep a stick between those moving lines; they avoid the obstacle and keep moving like the way they started.  How planned is that…!

“Whatever the obstacle is, they won’t quit until they reach the goal”

Let’s observe another group.

One finds a huge for him, sugar crystal and he tries to hold that up; but fails. Tries again; yes now it’s up but can’t move other step. So dropped it again…

Now he finds his friends around, and seeks for help.

Wow. They agreed and now see “hEEyyyaaa”

The crystal is moving…yes they are taking it to their home sweet home.

“There is the strength we say of working in group with trust is what decides the success”