Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Rain Inside A Heart

It was raining all the day
she was walking through the way.
Heard of someone said
"No one can see yours tears
when you walk in the rain"
She was skinny, fair but cute
Not much hair and that too wet.
Walking bare feet through the road,
hoping for a cheering loud.
Now the rain was pretty calm
clouds were running to their farm.
Sun was smiling brighter & more.
She sat on a bench
with a stranger old.
He greeted "Hola",
a Spanish word.
Still she was quiet to the core,
replied not a single word.
The old, he tried to stand up for a walk,
but he lost & was about to fall.
She got scared & caught his hand.
A smile was there on his face,
And thanked her "Gracias"
a Spanish word again.
Looked into her eyes,
found a neutral mind.
Now he was known,
that she was not from Spain.
The old, he felt sorry for his words,
holding her hands, stood up well.
He noticed she was dead!
dead inside her heart.
"What happened?" he asked.
She replied " A Rain Inside My Heart".


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