Wednesday, 2 January 2013

When We Start Dreaming.

I'm 18 :).. yes i have long way to go. When we have a dream that desperately destroy our sleep, we'll die to achieve it . This may not be a logic but right now i feel so. i had a lots of dreams like dance , painting, writing, & more.. I'm  so glad that i haven't left any of my dreams after gaining it. Now i  dance , i paint, i write & i have many more hobbies. I love to keep myself entertained.

 A few weeks before we, means me, my brother & our friends started a group.  A group where we make short films,  remakes, promos etc.. for the whole week we were discussing about our first short film, other new releases & many things about films..What we discussed was not about the story of a film. not about the stars or about their stardom but all that technical & creative terms on which a successful film stands.

Everyone around us somehow or some where have a dream to be a star. But most of them don't dare to achieve it. Even i had a wish to be a star ;-) but i left it cause that was not at my reach.

Now i have an idea.. yet, its just an idea.. i wish it would be a success ..
i wont reveal it now ..its a secret.. will write about it later ..
tata :)

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